Showcases – A dragon thank you card

More than a week ago, I finished my contract with the emergency department library. I was there for more than a year and during that time I saw two emergency libraries (police and fire) merged. I made this card for the IT dudes at the Tasmania Fire Service as they helped me a lot at work. I was also hanging out to watch series four of the Game of Thrones at the time so hence, the dragon drawing. They loved it!

Dragon thank you card
Dragon thank you card

Geros ilas and thanks for stopping by!

Showcases – Venta’s going away card

This is a long overdue card to my friend Venta who left for a three-year adventure to Germany (family in tow) in June. I actually planned to give this to her before she left (thinking the departure date was at the end of June) but before I knew it, she was going (they left in mid-June)! We miss them greatly and hope that the three years will go very quickly. This card represents a new land and a new home. She loved it!

Venta's going away card
Venta’s going away card

Auf wiedersehen and thanks for stopping by!

Showcases – Rosy’s birthday card

Rosy is a good friend of mine. She is beautiful, smart and makes the best curry ever! She has a husband you could die for and her son is just SO gorgeous. How lucky can one girl be? So in July she turned *beep*. Actually, she celebrated a great milestone. But instead of using a number for her card design, I decided that I would use what her name depicts – a flower! So I drew some generic and random flowers for her card. She absolutely loved it! Thank you my friend.

Rosy's birthday card
Rosy’s birthday card

Bare melya aani kennai and thanks for stopping by!


Showcases – Rob’s birthday card

Rob is my brother-in-law. He is the gorgeous husband of my baby sis and a wonderful father to my beautiful nieces. He’s into bird watching so I thought I’d draw some birds for his birthday card. And oh my gosh, he loved the card! He even asked me what sort of birds they are! He hasn’t seen them before. I said “they’re just generic random birds Rob – no species in particular”. Funny guy.

Rob's birthday card
Rob’s birthday card

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Showcases – JJ’s birthday card

JJ is my youngest niece and she turned 4 last July. She is such a cutie with gorgeous dark wavy hair. Actually, I nearly missed her birthday. I know I shouldn’t but I get mixed up with her birthday and her older sister’s (Ruby) who was born in April. Ruby is the gem stone for the month of July but it was JJ who was born in July and not Ruby! Anyway, I just have to remember the letter J for JJ and July.

Anyway, I made this cat card for her just in time. I couldn’t connect Ruby (the gem stone, not her sister) and the number 4 on a card so I made something that she (and I and everyone else) could understand – so the cat image it was! I think she liked it…

JJ's birthday card
JJ’s birthday card

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