Showcases – Christmas cards revealed

Here they are! My Christmas card design this year is now revealed. I think it’s safe to show these now as I’ve sent them all out to the lovely people in my life. Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all a fun and safe festive season. I’m going to have a break and be quiet next week – possibly recovering from all the eating and drinking. See you all in the new year!

Christmas cards 2014
Christmas cards 2014

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Showcases – Marky Mark’s birthday card

Marky Mark (no not the rapper – but my other half) is turning *beep* years old in a few days. Ha! Let’s just say he’s 11 years older than me. Now figure that one out. I thought about designing something based on his age (ie. a number) but decided that I would use the letter M (with added zentangles) to make his card. So what do you think? Let’s hope he likes it!


Marky Mark's birthday card
Marky Mark’s birthday card

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Mural Town – Sheffield

We’ve just come back from a whirlwind camping trip to the West Coast of Tasmania. We love the ruggedness and unpopulated nature of this side of the island. It’s always green due to the high rainfall throughout the year. I think we just timed it right with the weather – almost! Anyway, on the way home we visited the town of Sheffield – also known as Mural Town. Why? Well because the the town is full of murals! It’s like having an outdoor gallery and the mural of the blacksmith below is I think my favourite artwork so far….

Mural at Sheffield
Mural at Sheffield

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Showcases – Ruairi’s engagement card

I’ve just found out that a former colleague has gotten engaged recently. I used to work with Ruairi back in 2008 at the State Library of Tasmania (now known as LINC Tasmania). We were both recent graduates back then and just starting our new career in the library world. I was actually 5 months pregnant of Mr5 when I first met him. Since then I gave birth and had a few stints of contract work while he became liaison librarian at the UTAS library! Ha! That’ll be right!

Anyway, here is an engagement card I made for him and his fiancee. It took a while to think of this design. Well, as I don’t usually add any wordings on my cards, I was thinking on how I was going to show that it’s a congratulatory/engagement type of a card. So I’ve decided to use hearts and some squiggly lines and voila – here is the finished product! I hope they like it!

Ruairi's engagement card
Ruairi’s engagement card

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