Showcases – Peacock

So here it is. The last design of my animal collage collection. I told you it was another bird – but a showy one. I’ve always thought that the word peacock is the name given to this particularly bird species but they are in fact called peafowls. The male is the peacock, the female is the peahen and their babies are peachicks. Gosh! I learn things everyday.

Peacock – 2015

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Showcases – Bird

I’m nearly ending my animal collage collection showcases. This bird is the second last design of the collection. Just a generic bird – no species in particular but nice nevertheless – don’t you think? The colours are quite pastel, which I think might be really cool to give to those who have had just had a new born. I dunno, this card just reminds me of a baby. Next week is another bird but of a colourful type – you would love it for sure!

Bird - 2015
Bird – 2015

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Showcases – Elephant

Well this certainly ain’t the elephant in the room – that’s for sure! In fact, this handmade card (from my animal collage collection) may just solve a gift problem that you’ve been having lately. Oh what to give to your good friend who has just come back from a trip to India or Thailand. Or perhaps give to someone who just loves elephants. Why not? They are such placid and beautiful animals that could actually grieve and shed tears like human beings. Amazing!

Elephant - 2015
Elephant – 2015

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Showcases – Bear

So here is bear – and he is part of the animal collage collection. Do you know anyone who would just love to get him for his or her special day? Or how about for someone who just loves bears and collects just about anything on these cute furry little creatures?

Again, if you’re interested in ordering this or any of the other cards in my showcases collection let me know at or on the Contact page. For more info on the cards, please go to the Interim Shop page. Thanks!

Bear - 2015
Bear – 2015

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