Happy Fish Day #30 BIOMYLH

I’ve been working on my fish cards today for the upcoming Father’s Day in Oz so I’ve decided draw fish with my left hand. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Happy Fish Day
Happy Fish Day

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I’ve been mulling this over all week, which by the way happens to be National Science Week so this kinda fits in with the whole theme of my post….Ok so I understand that there are hydrogen and oxygen atoms all around us. They’re the farking building blocks of  the whole universe, right? Well, hydrogen anyway – 75%  of the universe is made up of this stuff apparently. And so to make a water molecule, 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom need to get together. I get all that. But how do they suddenly form water? If they’re both gases, what’s the catalyst that makes the two atoms into a liquid molecule? Is is the sun, a spark or some kind of energy? I don’t know! My brain is hurting….so I’m going to ease it by being creative and draw my interpretation of H2O using my left hand. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!


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Misarranged Florals #28 BIOMYLH

You know even though I’m totally exhausted right now, my week has actually been quite nice so to coincide with my awesome and lovely feelings, here are some flowers for you again. Hmm….but arranged not too neat this time I’m afraid. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Misarranged Florals


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Minecraft #27 BIOMYLH

This is the best my left hand could draw 2D pixelated block that is Minecraft. I am currently studying this awesome game because every weekend (when Mr7 is allowed to play computer games) I get bombarded with questions about Endermen, monsters and armours. Argh! And I never know the answers so I’m reading up and practicing. Do you like my interpretation? Well, BIOMYLH!


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