Showcases – Ma & Pa’s anniversary card

In May, my parents celebrated their 45 years of marriage. Holy wedding ring Batman, that’s one hell of a long time to be together. And I say well done to them. I do admire people who, through thick and thin have managed to be dedicated to one another. They had their ups and downs and stayed sane during those years. And you know why? Well, because they have the most beautiful, kindest and awesome daughters in the whole wide world. Ha! That’s me anyway, I don’t know about the other two.

Anyway, here’s the card I made for the occasion. I know it’s a sapphire (that’s a blue gem stone right?) anniversary but can you believe it – I had no ‘blue’ material to work with! Aargh! And it was too late to get supplies so I made do with what I had and voila here it is! I’m actually quite happy with the result. It’s simple and elegant and fitting to the event (minus the blue bit).

Ma & Pa's anniversary watermark
Ma & Pa’s anniversary card

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Showcases – Lucy’s card

I’ll be showcasing some of the cards I made thus far in the next few weeks. These are some of my earlier creations and they were made mostly due to upcoming family and friends’ birthdays.

Lucy’s card

My sister turned 43 last April – and hey she looks great for her age! So I thought I’d make something sazzy and feminine for her birthday card and here it is. For someone who has never sewn, I think I did a pretty good job sewing this dress on the card. What do you think? One of the feedback I got was perhaps I could have used a real wire for the hanger instead of it being hand drawn and one mentioned to omit the the flower in the middle. Ok note taken. Thank you my friends.

Lucy's card
Lucy’s card


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Easy-peasy legalities

So far so good. The names I’ve chosen for the business and the domain name for the website are available. Woo hoo! But as I was about to register, the domain name sellers asked me for my ABN (Australian Business Number). No worries. I have one from when I worked as a contractor. I’ll just go to the ABN lookup and get the number from there. But guess what?! I’ve forgotten that I have cancelled it last year! What was I thinking?? Long story short, I got my ABN back. Phew! I only had to wait two weeks for them to reissue the same number.

I’m registering the business as a sole trader for the main reason that it’s simple and cheap. Of course the disadvantage to that is I get taxed on all business income and my personal assets can be at risk in the event of business failure. However, business success is what I want and at this stage it is still a small venture for it to become a company. But maybe not. I have checked and it will cost around AU$450 for a Do-It-Yourself company registration. I could get an accountant to do it for me but that would cost around $1500-$2000. That seems a lot so I think I will leave the business as a sole trader for now.

As for the Goods and Services Tax (GST), well I won’t be registering or collecting this as the business will have a turnover of less than $75,000. The GST is 10% of the product’s retail price, which is added to the sale price. So lucky for you I won’t be collecting this from the sale of Bibbi K products.

That’s it for today. I’m going to be busy designing in the next few weeks (or even months!) so I might be quiet for a while…but then again maybe not. I might have something to say or show you next week.

My ABN reissued
My ABN reissued


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A laptop, a dumb phone and an old visual diary…

Here we go folks. I’m finally taking the plunge to entrepreneurship on a serious note. I am hoping this blog will document my successes and lessons learnt in owning a shop and running a fun and awesome business. And in return will take me to stardom, richness and endless summer pool parties. Ha! Kidding….As if.

Seriously though, I suppose I’m here to show you how this one-girl band is going to make it in today’s fantastic and brilliant business world. Who knows where this will lead me to. Of course I would like to think that I will be making a certain bunch of people happy via the things I make.

OK so enough waffle and onto the markets we go! But first a few starting tools before embarking on my journey (sheesh, that is such a cliched word – can anyone please think of a better word?!). I am going to start off with three things:

  • A laptop (for research)
  • A dumb phone (for talking to people)
  • A visual diary (for recording my ideas in)

And that’s it! Fancy gadgets can come later when I start making loads of moolah in the air!

A laptop, a dumb phone and an old visual diary

A laptop, a dumb phone and an old visual diary


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