Showcases – Baby Ritha’s card

This card I made the other day is not part of any range. I made it specially for my good friend Summer who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the weekend. I used Zentangles for the design. Summer thought the design had some Indian influence. Yes I can see it now. The baby buggy looks a bit like an American Indian headgear. What do you think?

Showcases - Baby Ritha's card
Showcases – Baby Ritha’s card

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Showcases – Cocktail dress

On my last post I said I was going to be quiet for the next few weeks because I was conjuring up some new card designs. Well, I just can’t help myself! I just have to show you another range I’ve been making lately. This one is of a cocktail dress with self-made miniature hangers. Yes I made them from paper clips! Do you like the card? Two of my good friends and my lovely sister have already been recipients of this marvelous design. I’m not sure how much the price tag for each one of them yet – it will certainly be cheaper than my current card range. Anyway, do let me know what you think.

Cocktail dress - 2015
Cocktail dress – 2015

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Showcases – Clown collage 2015

I’m showcasing another card range here. This time some clowns I have recently made. Not much to say about them except they were fun to make and they are all very colourful and of course funny-looking!

Also, just to let you know. I’ll be quiet for the next few weeks as I am working on a brand new spanking line/range/design. Woo hoo! I hope I don’t go too crazy! Be well and catch you in a few weeks!

Clowns - 2015
Clowns – 2015

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Why, how and what?

So did you like my animal collage collection, which I have been showcasing for the last few weeks? I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making and showcasing them for you. There was a dog, cat, horse, elephant, peacock, bird, bear and penguin. Let me know which one you liked and why.

Ok, I have been reflecting about the whys, hows and what of this business project and I have come up with some plausible answers:

Why? Of course so I could become a multi-millionaire and live the GOOD LIFE. Nah! Just joking. I’ve never really been motivated by the big bucks. Sure I need money so we could eat and put a roof over our heads. But I think the main reason I’m doing this is because I really enjoy designing, creating cards or whatever else I could create with my designs and making people happy. I’d like to think I am changing people and the world for the better by giving out my art and craft.

How? Truthfully, I like process. I get lost in it. It’s the setting of deadlines that gets me. I’d like to say I’m quite disciplined but sometimes I do procrastinate – we all do I think. That’s a good thing right? Because that means I can think about the task more before I do it. Hmm….And I’ve noticed that I do things haphazardly – I’d start one thing and go off on a tangent and then do another. I’d like to be more focused so here’s what I’m proposing to do with myself: I’m going to do things by “SEASONS”:


Note: ADMINISTRATION, BOOKWORK will be slotted in between each of the four seasons

What? Well that should be easy. The final result should be something that people want and desire and of course have the need for. I know there is a need for greeting cards, gifts and stationery, otherwise those things would not exist. What I need to do is work out how those things are going to solve people’s problems. Well then I guess it’s about time that I step into other people’s shoes!

Why? How? What?

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