Showcases – Jeanne’s birthday card

I like all the parents at Mr5’s kinder class especially the mums. They are so nice and lovely. I particularly like Jeanne who seem to invite me to morning teas and coffees, but which I tend to decline because I already had something on. She’s also an interior designer so in a way we’re kinda in the same wavelength – design/arty wise of course. So when she said she was going to have a birthday in June, I took the opportunity to make her a nice birthday card to make up for all my rain checks and to show her my design flair. Ha! Glad to report that she liked it! Oh by the way we did finally manage to catch up – to a movie and a meal along with two other lovely mums. Phew!

Jeanne's birthday card
Jeanne’s birthday card

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Showcases – Clown birthday cards

I have never known anyone with so many birthday invitations in just one year! What a socialite! I’m guessing Mr5 has been invited to half of the kids’ (from his kinder class) birthday parties. Of course we didn’t go to all of them but we did manage to attend a few. Here are a couple of clown cards I made for the occasions:

Brock’s card

Brock's card
Brock’s card

I know that five year old kids don’t really care much about birthday cards – they look at them and think ‘hmm that’s nice’ and move on to unwrapping their exciting toys. So, I was surprised to hear the feedback I received from Brock’s mum. Apparently, the card was a hit especially with his sister who took it for herself and kept it in her room for show. Amazing!


Max’s card

Max's card
Max’s card

I really like the way this clown turned out – especially his huge funky hat. But as I predicted Max looked at it and thought perhaps ‘hmm a clown, yep’ and moved on to bigger things. Hey I’m not offended – I’m cool with that. Kids have other agendas at this age. His mum though really appreciated it. Phew!

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Showcases – Papa’s 70th birthday card

I can’t believe my dad turned 70 this year. So OLD! Anyway, I stayed up late making this card because I kinda left it to the last minute. The actual process doesn’t actually take that long – it’s the ‘deciding what design should I do’ part that takes a long time. My dad is into fishing so I thought I’d make him a fishing card. And since he’s never been to Tassie I took a photo of it with the Ralph’s Bay (just 500 metres down from where I work) in the background to entice him for a visit. I’m happy with this card especially the cool waves I’ve done. I’m glad he liked it but I don’t think he’ll ever set foot in Tasmania ~ *Sigh*

Papa's 70th birthday card
Papa’s 70th birthday card


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Showcases – Helena’s birthday card

My niece Helena turned 11 years old in May. I can’t believe how much she has grown into a fine and beautiful young lady. Of course she takes after her Auntie Karina. Ha! So what sort of card do you give a “tween”? Well I know that she is kind, sweet and pretty so I wanted to reflect that on her card. So I created something not too girly but still feminine and nice. I hope this card sums her up. I think she liked it…

Helena's Birthday card
Helena’s Birthday card

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