Butterflies and Hearts #12 BIOMYLH

This is what happens when I’m wide awake at 2am in the morning (this morning!). I made stencils of a butterfly and heart. I cut them out – yes (!) using my left hand (now I know why people need left hand scissors). But I managed. So then I made another pattern type drawing. And voila! Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Butterflies and hearts
Butterflies and hearts

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Floral Patterns #11 BIOMYLH

I’m running out of creative names to call my flower patterns. Yes…another one for you from my left had this week. I had to draw grids to create this one and guess what I found?? That my left hand prefer to draw free-flowing lines rather than precise straight lines! Amazing. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Floral Patterns
Floral Patterns

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Patterned Flowers #10 BIOMYLH

I’m in the mood for some patterns…and so keeping up with the flower theme from the past few weeks…my left hand has created none other than patterned flowers! Of course! I liked doing this and I used my non-toxic markers this time. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Patterned flowers

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Three Flowers #9 BIOMYLH

Another flower (3 this time!) drawing by my left hand this week. Not sure why I have flowers in my mind – perhaps something to do with mother’s day coming up soon? Women love flowers and my left hand is getting the vibe. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Three Flowers
Three Flowers

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