Showcases – Lily’s card

Aaaah another kid birthday party to attend to this Saturday. So here’s another totally handmade card for this munchkin. Lily is a cute little girl in Mr5’s kinder class so I thought why not do a funky-looking mouse for her card design. Anyway, I hope she likes it. Time will tell. Time will tell.

Lily's card
Lily’s card

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Not really a showcase – Christmas cards

I’ve been having fun making Christmas cards lately. In fact, I’ve started thinking about the design since October but I can’t show you the finished product yet because I still have to send these to my close friends and family.  I will reveal them soon! Can you guess what I created?

Christmas cards 2014 unrevealed

Christmas cards 2014 unrevealed

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My online shop

Ok, ok don’t hold your breath – it’s going to take a while before I get this live and going. I mean I’ve only managed to buy the domain name so far…Now I’m looking at some web hosting. You see I’m going to build the website. Ha! Good luck to me right? Yes that’s what I was thinking. Anyways, if there’s a will there’s a way. Plus, I might learn a thing or two.

I’ve had a look at Etsy,  BigCartel and a list of recommended eCommerce builders to build the shop. I’ve read their reviews, advantages and disadvantages but I’ve decided to use WordPress to create this retail outlet. I don’t know. I guess I’d like to have control over the store’s content, feel and design. Also, I’m competent with WordPress’s blog platform so the website builder should be the same right? Well, we will see! So watch this space for any joy, heartaches, frustration and success in building this store!

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My online shop is coming soon!
My online shop is coming soon!

Showcases – Mama’s 71st Birthday card

My mum turned 71 last week. Wow! And she looks amazing for her age. I wonder if I’ll look as good as her when I turn 71? Hmmm….Anyway, I wanted to make some flower cards for her and I thought I’d experiment with acrylic painting (the dry brush technique).  My first attempt was this cherry blossom but I thought the colours were too dark for my mum. I didn’t mind it but I thought mum would prefer a lighter version. So I made another crude attempt and I came up with a pastel version (pink background) of a generic looking flower. This second one was the one I sent her. I think she likes it….

My first attempt
My first attempt


My second attempt - the card I sent her
My second attempt – the card I sent her

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