The Vainglorious Cockerel #16 BIOMYLH

A Russian fable: …”Two cockerels fought on a dung heap. One cockerel was the stronger; he vanquished the other. All the hens gathered around the cockerel, and began to laud him. The cockerel wanted his strength and glory to be known in the next yard. He flew on top of the barn, flapped his wings, and crowed in a loud voice: “Look at me, all of you. I am a victorious cockerel. No other cockerel in the world has such strength as I.” The cockerel had not finished, when an eagle killed him, seized him in his claws, and carried him to his nest for dinner….”

The Vainglorious Cockerel
The Vainglorious Cockerel

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Shopaholic Poodle #15 BIOMYLH

For the next few weeks, my left hand is planning to draw domesticated animals. The first one in the series is the highly maintenance poodle. Well actually they don’t have to be. Their hair could be clipped quite short. They’re intelligent and trainable. But since they have the reputation of being neurotic, I drew a ‘shopaholic’ one. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Shopaholic Poodle
Shopaholic Poodle

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Mother’s Day Flower #14 BIOMYLH

This flower is not perfect. And in the spirit of mother’s day, I am dedicating this imperfect flower to all the imperfect mothers out there. Perfect mothers are boring, don’t you think? I say, if your kids are breathing, are washed once a week and come home for dinner every night I think you’re doin’ ok, right? So do you like my imperfect flower? Well, BIOMYLH!

Mothers' Day Flower
Mothers’ Day Flower

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Sunday Flower #13 BIOMYLH

I’m totally exhausted due to a week’s travel from Melbourne so just a quick drawing (a flower with some zentangles and coloured in with Sharpie markers) for you this week. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Sunday Flower
Sunday Flower

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