Happy New Year to you all! Wow another year and I believe another blog challenge for me. This time I am going to draw and design with my left hand. I’m right-handed. I’ll be showcasing it every week starting in February. So if you don’t like any of it – you can Blame It On My Left Hand!

Written with my left hand - I'm right handed!
Written with my left hand – I’m right handed!

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Greeting card redesign challenge #5 – Christmas at Bondi

My interpretation of Christmas at Bondi is that of a jellyfish. Well, why not? I think of the ocean and the beach when it’s Christmas time in Australia. Am I totally far off from the original Christmas design card sent to me by my pen friend Cathy in 1997? Again let me know what you think.

Christmas at Bondi (my interpretation)
Christmas at Bondi (my interpretation)
The original Christmas at Bondi card
The original Christmas at Bondi card

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Greeting card redesign challenge #1 – Kingfisher

This month I’m going to redesign a greeting card everyday.

Here is a greeting card that my good friend Katrina has sent me for my birthday. It’s a pretty boring card actually. It’s an interesting photo of a Red-backed kingfisher taken by photographer Helen Fallow. I say interesting because although it looks real enough, the image looks like it’s been Photoshopped (the background looks all wrong), printed and stuck on a card.  Below is the original card:

Original Kingfisher Card
Original Kingfisher Card

Now here’s my version (below) a la abstract style using various coloured markers:

Redesigned Kingfisher
My Redesigned Kingfisher

So which design do you prefer?

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Greeting cards – Redesign challenge

I’m still here folks! I’m still working on new card designs and my drawing entry for the children’s book competition. So busy!

Anyway, just letting you know that I might be sporadic with my blog posts for this month (July) but in August I will be blogging every day yet again. I have another challenge!

When I was studying graphic design, oh so many years ago, I did an assignment where I redesigned an old book cover from the 60’s. It was outdated and had a terrible cover. It was titled ‘How to improve your vision’; in two colours – puke green and white; and it had a 60’s lady posing so glamourously in her mumu dress. I mean that’s just el communicado gone wrong! It had nothing to do with vision or eyes or eye care! So I took photos of people’s eyes put them on a white background and voila! the book had a new spanking cover that communicated exactly what was inside.

So…my next challenge is to redesign a greeting card each day and blog it! I don’t know about you but I tend to keep most of the cards I receive (birthdays, Christmas, goodbyes, goodlucks, congrats etc) and yeah even the crappy ones! So I’ve chosen a bunch of those for next month’s design challenge. It would be difficult and hard work but it will be fun and will get my creative juices going again!

Greeting Card challenge – 2015

Antha thikarnta and thanks for stopping by!