Pop Art Blooms #43 BIOMYLH

Whoa! I can’t believe it. I am publishing this drawing one day early. It’s usually done on a Sunday night (when all my housework is done for the weekend) and mostly in a rush because I’m totally exhausted from all that housework so I want to get to bed by 9.30pm. But this week will be different. I am going to put my feet up and watch a nice movie this Sunday night. Hence, an early blog post for you. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Pop Art Blooms
Pop Art Blooms

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Minecraft #27 BIOMYLH

This is the best my left hand could draw 2D pixelated block that is Minecraft. I am currently studying this awesome game because every weekend (when Mr7 is allowed to play computer games) I get bombarded with questions about Endermen, monsters and armours. Argh! And I never know the answers so I’m reading up and practicing. Do you like my interpretation? Well, BIOMYLH!


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Gone Full Circle #24 BIOMYLH

I’ve been thinking about life lately….nature, the meaning of our existence and the whole universal pooh bah. I guess you could call this week’s left hand drawing the ‘circle of life’ – ha! that is such a farking cliche! But then again that is true – life is cyclical isn’t it? Anyways, I won’t go on….just be merry without harming anyone or anything! We’ll BIOMYLH!

Gone Full Circle
Gone Full Circle

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Andy Warhol Sheep #18 BIOMYLH

Well I guess you know where I got my inspiration from for this week’s left hand drawing? Yep none other than Mr Andy “I’m so colourful and arty” Warhol. Do you like it? Well, BIOMYLH!

Andy Warhol Sheep
Andy Warhol Sheep

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Fireworks Greeting Cards

Well I bet you didn’t know that apart from being a talented doodler, I’m also an avid photographer! Yes I am! So for those non-religious/I-don’t-celebrate-Christmas type folks, it is not too late for you to send some festive cheers to your love ones. I have made some fireworks cards just for you in this occasion.  I know you can thank me later. Check them out here and let me know what you think.

Fireworks Display – Electric Sperms

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