Showcases – Clown birthday cards

I have never known anyone with so many birthday invitations in just one year! What a socialite! I’m guessing Mr5 has been invited to half of the kids’ (from his kinder class) birthday parties. Of course we didn’t go to all of them but we did manage to attend a few. Here are a couple of clown cards I made for the occasions:

Brock’s card

Brock's card
Brock’s card

I know that five year old kids don’t really care much about birthday cards – they look at them and think ‘hmm that’s nice’ and move on to unwrapping their exciting toys. So, I was surprised to hear the feedback I received from Brock’s mum. Apparently, the card was a hit especially with his sister who took it for herself and kept it in her room for show. Amazing!


Max’s card

Max's card
Max’s card

I really like the way this clown turned out – especially his huge funky hat. But as I predicted Max looked at it and thought perhaps ‘hmm a clown, yep’ and moved on to bigger things. Hey I’m not offended – I’m cool with that. Kids have other agendas at this age. His mum though really appreciated it. Phew!

Ciao and thanks for stopping by!

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